Catherine's Wars Cover
She hated him because she loved him …

While World War II rages in Europe, Catherine McKinney’s internal war boils over. Since her parents’ deaths, Catherine retreats into herself, growing to believe she’s unworthy of love. Yet her growing feelings for Henry Bradley threaten to change everything. Henry, her twin brother’s best friend, is the best dancer and biggest flirt in town. Outgoing and arrogant, he’s the most unexpected person for Catherine to fall in love with.

When the men take up arms to defend their country, Catherine must shoulder the full responsibility of running the family home as well as encourage her brother and Henry on the front line. As the atrocities of war take a toll on Henry, he finds solace in his letters with Catherine, in which they share their fears and hopes. As their connection grows, Catherine must choose the fate of her internal war: crush her true feelings and live in isolation or conquer her fears and let Henry into the fortress of her heart. Will she ever be able to be vulnerable enough to let anyone else take care of her? And does Henry, now war-torn and broken, have the strength to fight Catherine for her heart?

What People are saying about Catherine’s War

“I finished in less than 24 hours! That is a testament to how engrossed I was in the plot and lives of the characters. … I was zooming through it in an attempt to find out what happened next. It was emotional, exhilarating, and just plain amazing.” – Meghan Lloyd, author of the Lady with a Quill blog

“Catherine’s War is a romance, on the face of it; but it’s also a story of friendships, family ties, long journeys, and the juxtaposition of the glories of enlistment over the sacrifices of love.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review