Free eBooks!!

SUSAN’S WAR is officially here! What better way to celebrate than to get both eBooks for SUSAN’S WAR (Parts I & II) for free? You can get both parts for FREE next week, July 13 –... Read More

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The Edge

I remember the moment right before I sent my first draft of Catherine’s War to my editor. Excited? A bit. Scared? ABSOLUTELY. I was getting ready to share characters I knew better than anyone wi... Read More

Finding an Audience

Sometimes I think I may have done things a bit backwards. Some days I know I did. Always snuggled in the advice that I’ve received from publishing and writing professionals are the words: know y... Read More

Transition Events

I’ve always been the type of person to use outlines. I like going into a project with a map to guide me. It makes things easier and helps me stay on track when there are long breaks in my writin... Read More