Networking can be a frightfully scary thing. Often times, you’re stretched outside of your comfort zone, forced to have conversations about topics you know nothing about, right? We network with people to share ideas, talents, and to discover the strengths in individuals to help you move forward in the strongest way possible. Networking is supposed to be a positive way to meet people who can help you on whatever project you’re doing that might require assistance. Forget that you may have no idea WHAT you need and that carrying on any conversation, of any length, about something you have no understanding of is NO ONE’S idea of fun.

So why should you go through it alone? Don’t. Grab someone who will literally hold your hand if you need it held but still drag you through the networking process even if you’re kicking and screaming. (You can thank them for it later)

It happened to me.

A few years ago, I heard about the St. Louis Publisher’s Association plans to hold a Showcase Event that featured talents in all aspects of the self-publishing process: editors, book designers, publishers, etc. It was a free event, so the only cost would be my time. I had just received CATHERINE’S WAR back from my beta-readers, and I knew the next step – if I was serious about publishing the book – was to find an editor. I’ll admit that when I looked more into the Showcase Event, I felt quickly overwhelmed. There were many more aspects to the self-publishing process that I’d never considered. I suddenly felt that I was in way over my head.

Rather than allowing me to chicken out, go to my home, and tuck CATHERINE’S WAR away from the public eye, a friend volunteered to come with me (basically to make sure I didn’t run away screaming). I took her up on the offer, knowing full well that she’d be able to help me get past my anxiety and obtain the information I needed.

Together we went, and I discovered the best editor ever, Karen Tucker.


I met several editors at the Showcase Event, but Karen was the one that I felt I could more easily talk with. Through Karen, I met my

amazing cover artist, Jamie Wyatt.

Had I not attended the networking Showcase Event hosted by the St. Louis Publisher’s Association, I can safely say that CATHERINE’S WAR wouldn’t have come to fruition. It’d still be hidden on my laptop, an unfulfilled dream. It had been worth the evening of nausea, talking to experts about matters of which I knew little of in order for CATHERINE’S WAR to go to print.

For any inspiring writers out there, I encourage you to consider attending this year’s Showcase Event on Wednesday, August 9th. If you’re looking for an editor, Karen will be there – be sure to stop by and snatch one of her cookies.











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