Nope. Not at all. While many people end up content at the end of Catherine’s War, Susan doesn’t. And the choices she makes to gain back her “happy ending” leave a path of heartache and devastation with every action she takes. Susan never was a “nice” character – and she’s not about to start being one now . . .

I’m happy to share news that Susan’s War, the next part of Catherine’s story, is almost ready for release. While it’s taken much longer than I originally anticipated (only because I drug my feet at times . . . correction: most of the time), I’m in the final stages of the process.

Jamie Wyatt,, has created the most amazing cover for Susan’s War. It’s impossible not to get excited when an image helps bring it all to life. He has this crazy ability to take my terrible descriptions of my vision and produce a masterpiece from them. So, yes, the cover is once again AMAZING.

And Karen Tucker,, continues to be the best editor EVER. Every time I drag my feet, she keeps nudging me forward. She’s handled this 2nd piece of work with as much care as she did my first novel, and I’m forever grateful. She knows these characters just as well as I do, and I know she’s eager to get this story out to readers.

So hang tight for a just a bit longer. Susan’s War is coming just around the corner.

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